Belt Bag by Non-Stop Dogwear

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As a addition to the Trekking Belt or Ferd Belt

With the Belt Bag from Non Stop Dogwear you always have everything you need with you. There is almost nothing more beautiful than to romp through the wilderness with your four-legged friend for hours. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and own the Trekking Belt or the Ferd Belt from Non Stop Dogwear, this Belt Bag is a useful addition. You are much more independent with the bag, because you carry everything you need with you. You are not forced to return home or turn back earlier than planned.

Made of solid fabric that repels water and is scratch-resistant

The belt bag is very spacious. Treats, a snack for you, excrement bags, a foldable water bowl, a ball and much more has room here. In addition, there is an extra holder in which a water bottle with a capacity of 0.75 litres can be packed. This will help you both to enjoy a good time and you can stop for a break whenever you feel like it and you have found a nice spot. The inside of the Belt Bag by Non Stop Dogwear is protected with a fine mesh, the outside is made of strong fabric that repels water, doesn't get dirty so quickly, is scratch resistant and is very robust overall. The belt bag is also attractive in colour with its black-blue tones. It is simply pulled around the belt and then holds securely.
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Belt Bag by Non-Stop Dogwear

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