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Planet Dog

The US manufacturer Planet Dog advertises with a slogan claiming that they would design the best products made from the best materials. We can support that claim. Their World Ball has been chosen as the best dog ball worldwide and their developed material Orbee-Tuff® is award-winning.

The chewing quality is convincing: anyone who has a dog that is a real biter knows what we are talking about. Your dog can bite as they wish to. The material is soft but extremely resistant. Your pet will probably lick it a lot, too, since the ball tastes like mint. We have balls in different sizes and colors available. World Ball is one of the sensational highlights in the manufacturer’s portfolio. It is easy-wipeable and recyclable.

Interactive ideas for long engagements

The rest of their toys for dogs of all ages is – both optically and haptically – smashing! We have interactive game ideas in mind which keep our four-legged friend busy for a longer period. For instance: „How can I get these treats out of this strange ball?” – a real challenge for your friend. Additionally, all game ideas bring lasting fun, to you and to your dog. And just that is the declared intention of Planet Dog. The manufacturer collaborates with a team whose members possess different qualities. This ensures that the creative spirit is maintained.