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Bikejoring equipment

During the bike ride in the forest your dog has been running next to the bike so far? If you want a little more action and your dog is willing to run and work, bikejoring is the right thing for you. In this sport, the dog is connected to the bike via a pull line and pulls you through the countryside in a similar way to sled dog racing. To try out as a beginner the train dog sport, this train dog sport offers itself, because the investments for the Bikejoring equipment are relatively small and it is easy to learn.

With the right Bikejoring equipment over hill and dale

If you realize that your dog does not enjoy it as much as you thought after all, the disappointment is not too big. However, many dogs are enthusiastic about this variant, so you should dare to try. To protect your dog's joints, long distances on asphalt are not advisable. Instead, you should choose routes that lead through forests or fields. A normal city bike can quickly become unsafe on such paths; a sturdy mountain bike with a rough profile is better suited for bikejoring. Your dog wears a well-fitting harness, only then he is allowed to pull the bike. A safety helmet and gloves are advisable for your own safety.

Bikejoring requirements for the dog

The main role is played by your dog. Of course, he should already be fully grown, so that joints and hips are not damaged by the load. The basic concepts of education are familiar to him, so that he can be steered safely from the saddle. A dog that runs after a deer with joy, forgetting his master on the bike behind him, would be a danger. The companion does not have to be very big and heavy, it is more important that he likes to run. Dogs that weigh about 20 kilograms can already develop a lot of fun in bikejoring. The stronger your dog is, the easier it will be for him to pull you and the bike. However, it is not necessary that he does all the work - you are welcome to support him and pedal. The only important thing is that the leash connecting the dog and the bike is tightened and not lying on the ground. Through he feels you and feels safer while working.

Safety for man and dog with the right equipment

So that you do not drive over the pull line, a bike antenna for dogs is necessary, to which the leash is attached. A cushioning on the leash should be available; if the dog accelerates, this reacts flexibly and heavy jerks are avoided. He sets the pace, you adapt. If he becomes slow because the effort is unfamiliar, you step slower or take a recovery break. It should be a matter of course that the leash is not attached to the collar. The pressure on the neck and larynx is much too great with this variant; instead, a pull harness is used, which are used in sled dog races. The load is ideally distributed on the back, which allows the dog to use its strength optimally. You should introduce your dog to this training slowly. In the beginning it helps him if a companion leads him in the front while you sit on the back of the bike and give the commands. He will quickly understand what you want him to do and the fun can begin!