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Canicross accessories

Anyone who owns a dog knows how important it is that the dog gets enough exercise. However, not every dog owner has the time and opportunity to take their four-legged friend for long walks or even take them jogging on a regular basis. Canicross training is a great alternative. Here, the dog runs together with its owner on a leash that is fastened around the waist of the mistress or master. This way, both can run together and motivate each other. Canicross training is not only a great way to exercise the dog, but also a great way for humans to stay fit.

Canicross accessories for sporty dog owners - everything for successful training

In order to successfully carry out canicross training, you need the right accessories. In our store, sporty dog owners will find everything they need for a successful training. From the appropriate coupling leash to the Panic Snap to the paw ointment and booties that protect the dog's paws, everything is there.

One of the most important components in canicross training is the pull line. We carry a wide variety of different pull lines or coupling lines (2 dogs). In pull dog sports, we recommend only leashes with jerk absorbers. The length of the leash can also vary depending on the training goal. Thus, the leashes come in different lengths, suitable for different types of training.

The right choice of accessories

Another important accessory in canicross training is the panic snap. This allows the leash to be quickly and easily detached from the waist belt in the event of an emergency. The Panic Snap is an indispensable accessory in canicross training and should always be with you.

The Neckline is also an important part of the Canicross accessories. We have different designs that are suitable for different dog breeds and training goals.

So that the dog does not get pain on the paws during training, it is important that he wears special booties. Whether booties are actually needed always depends on the surface. The booties protect the dog's paws from injury.

Paw ointment is also an important accessory in canicross training. The paw ointment protects the dog's paws from injuries and cares for them at the same time. To avoid cracks in the paw pads, the ointment should already be used preventively.

So if you are looking for the right Canicross accessories, you should definitely browse our store. Here you will find everything you need for a successful training. From the right leash to the Panic Snap to the paw ointment and the booties, everything is there. Order now and start a successful canicross training with your dog!