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Dogscooter leashes

The pulling dog sport Dog Scootering, like all sports with dogs, requires very specific lines. These are pull lines, also called joring lines. They ensure that the connection between the dog and its human along with the vehicle functions optimally. Such a pull line has a stable snap hook. In addition, it is longer than normal dog lines.

Dog Scootering: on the road with the right leashes

Each model is equipped with a shock absorber, so that the violent pulling movements of the dogs are cushioned. Your scooter runs much smoother and you have it better under control. You also feel it much less if your darling suddenly jumps into the leash. We also have models for two or three dogs.

Robust leashes

Our leashes are tear-resistant, robust and easy to clean. During a fast ride, there is a high pressure that needs to be balanced. If you put a high-quality harness on your four-legged friend, the pressure is distributed backwards on the outside of the animal and the leash cushions it. We also recommend a bike antenna, as used in dogscooting and bikejoring. This prevents the lines from dragging on the ground.