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Dog coats

Dog coats are seen more and more often on the streets and represent more health and comfort. We are not talking about fashionable models, which are rather to show the wealth of the owners. We are talking about breathable, sensible coats, which come in a variety of designs. Some dog coats not only span the chest, but also cover the entire body and even reach the thighs.

The four-legged friends can be just as cold as we humans, because quite a few dogs are special breeds that lack the warming undercoat. Also arthrosis and gout plague our darlings or it hurts the joints with wetness and cold. So there are many reasons to think about a dog coat.

Suitable dog coats for every weather

For any weather you can offer your dog the right dog coats. So there are waterproof raincoats, cozy winter coats and cooling summer coats. We offer top qualities so that your darling is always comfortable. For example, think of the wet and cold weather in winter or intense heat. With the right dog coat you don't have to stay at home and can always enjoy a little trekking tour. A good coat protects optimally and does not burden the dog. This applies to the weight as well as to the cut.

Dog coats with sufficient freedom of movement

Your four-legged friend is not restricted in his freedom of movement and can romp around without any problems. A perfect combination are dog coats in conjunction with a harness. Many models have a special opening in the middle of the back. With other models, you simply put the harness on over the coat. Would this be something for you?