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Dog Scootering Equipment

Pedal scooters are no longer just sports equipment used by young children. There are also models for adults who want to be sporty on the move. But instead of always being alone on it, dog owners can use it for dog scootering. This is a sport where you let your dog pull you on the dogscooter, but you also support him significantly by kicking along.

Dog Scootering and the health of the dog

As you can imagine, it is a lot of fun for your dog, but it is also a physical strain. Therefore, your dog should already be past the growing phase, as the joints and muscles would suffer. In addition, he must have enough strength to be able to pull you. He should weigh at least 15 to 20 kilograms. Your dog must also be healthy. If you are unsure, it makes sense to have him examined by a veterinarian before the first ride. Of course, he doesn't have to pull you and the scooter all by himself; especially when starting up, you can support him. Nevertheless, he needs a certain level of fitness, which he will build up over time.

Compact equipment for Scootering

When Dog Scootering you need a compact equipment like a Dogscooter antenna, over which a pull line is kept at a distance. This will prevent it from tangling on the steering wheel and causing you to fall. A jerk damper is recommended for the pull line, so that jerks are compensated - walking and driving is thus much more comfortable for man and dog. A high-quality Dogscooter harness may not be missing of course. It must be a special pull harness; with inferior products the pressure point is wrong, which leads to a strong strain. If it is not properly fitted, it can also lead to chafing; your dog will then quickly no longer want to be on the road with the pedal scooter. Unlike bikejöring, where the dog pulls a bike, the center of gravity is much lower in dogscooting. This has the advantage that you will feel much safer. Cutting corners is much more fun this way and will hardly bring you down with a little practice. Dogscooting can be done all year round. Even in winter, when there is a light snowfall, you can get the scooter ready; however, you will need tires with spikes so that you don't slide.

Courses for beginners

How much you ride the scooter is up to you. Some dog owners are passionate about it and are out and about with it every day. Others just use their scooter for a long ride on the weekend. In any case, it is important not to overload the dog in the beginning. If you have been walking with him at a normal pace, it is a significant difference for him to pull you at increased speed. The distances should therefore be short at the beginning and slowly increased. Do you already have a scooter at home, but don't know how to get your faithful companion to pull you? No problem, the dogscooter community is growing steadily and many cities offer courses for beginners. We'll be happy to put together custom equipment for you - just let us advise you!