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Dog leashes

Many dog owners may think: one dog, one collar, one leash - that's enough. But it depends on what you want to do with your four-legged friend. We show you a few examples of the variety of our dog leashes and how you can use them. A leash with a snap hook is a good choice if you need a firm connection with your darling during your trekking tours. The handle is very comfortable for your hand: it is woven and therefore does not slip out of a sweaty hand.

Suitable dog leashes for sports activities

A jogging leash is a good alternative to conventional leashes if you jog a lot with dog. The jogging leash is attached to a waist belt and to your dog's harness (we also carry these products). This way you have your hands free and your arms swing in the natural rhythm of your steps. The pull of the dog walking in front of you will even make you go a little faster. Walking leashes for dogs with a stretchy material are suitable for any kind of walking and hiking. You can take your dog shorter or let it run a little further. You have this effect as well with an infinitely adjustable dog leash. For training long drag leashes are suitable. We offer waterproof dog leashes as well as especially soft leather models. All our models are durable, wipeable and do not resent robust handling.