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Canicross leashes

If you're thinking about doing canicross, you'll need a good canicross leash. Or maybe you just want to order a replacement leash. In any case, we are here for you if you need good advice. Together we will find the right canicross leash for you.

The best leashes for canicross

Have you ever run with your dog? When you're holding the leash, running is very tiring, sometimes difficult. Your dog also pulls on your arm, so it is quite a one-sided and therefore unhealthy form of running. It works much better with a pull cord and belt, because you have both hands free. You also run faster when your four-legged friend pulls you hard. The Canicross leash has a strong shock absorber, which absorbs every shock. This protects you and your dog.

Leashes are part of the basic equipment

Canicross is a lot of fun for most dogs. You need a special pulling harness, so that your darling can breathe well and is not wrongly loaded on his part. For yourself, a hip belt is appropriate. It relieves the lower back and your pelvis, because the pressure is diverted sideways. It's best to order a drawstring from our store right away, so you're always ready for an adventure. If you are not sure which canicross leash is right for you, then do not hesitate and let us advise you!