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Dog collars

Dog collars, like leashes, are indispensable for everyday life. They are practical and always at hand. Many dog owners also want to equip their darlings with a beautiful piece of jewelry, and the band should also be robust. Our models meet these high demands. Look for the right dog collar with us!

Attractive dog collars for everyday life, sports and outings

Can't make up your mind? The choice is really not easy. Most dog owners have several dog collars at home. You can assign certain events to the bands, for example. So you go to town with only one elegant model, which other dog owners will look at attentively. To a hike you take a robust, wide band. And on the trip to the lake and swimming, your darling wears a waterproof dog collar. It won't take long for your four-legged friend to understand which collar is used for which excursion - and one day he will bring you his favorite collar of his own accord, suggesting his favorite activities.

Dog collars in various colors and shapes

We carry only first-class quality from reputable houses. Thereby the closures and leash rings are stable and reliable, the material of the band is particularly high-quality, robust and long-lasting. Also, many models are provided that the dog tag does not rattle so much; a real innovation!