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Canicross belt

Comfortable running with the right canicross belt - If you like to practice canicross with your dog and run over hill and dale, a high-quality canicross belt is essential. This is not just a belly belt, but a sophisticated system that is easy to use, weighs little, and distributes the pull for you in the best way possible. A canicross belt can have different optics. The important thing is that it doesn't pinpoint or constrict you when you run.

Canicross belt for comfortable running

The two of you, your dog and you, are connected with a pull cord that should be taut most of the time. This way you can feel each other and you also can't trip over the leash. When you run, your dog will automatically pull you along because he will always be faster than you. This means that your canicross belt has to intercept and distribute this pull so that you are comfortable even when you are running fast. By the way: Your dog will of course also get a good harness, so that the tension distribution is also optimally aligned with him and is relieved of pressure on the neck and back.

Canicross belt and Panic Snap as an ideal combination

For every Canicross belt there is also a small, light add-on: the Panic Snap. With this, you can detach yourself from the pull cord in a split second and avoid a fall if you stumble. The pull line hooks into the ring of the Panic Snap and slips away easily as soon as you operate the rip cord. This is required in most competitions.