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Canicross set

The perfect canicross set ensures ideal running conditions - A good canicross set is the prerequisite for the perfect cross-country run. It consists of a belly strap for you, a harness for your four-legged friend, and a pull line that connects the two of you. The better the quality of these components, the longer you will enjoy it. In the word canicross are the words for dog and cross running.

A canicross set suitable for training and competition

It is still a fairly young sport, where you both run behind each other: Your dog leads and you follow him at the distance of the pull line. It is about two meters long and should be relatively taut, because firstly it drags on the ground and you could stumble; secondly, your dog must feel the pull so that he knows that he is behaving correctly. So it also takes a lot of trust from both sides. Last but not least, you will get faster over time if your dog always pulls you a little. This makes him the optimal sparring partner for your training.

Individual Canicross Set for your runs

Canicross is good for both of you. It improves your relationship with each other and boosts your fitness. The right canicross set will ensure that you can run completely carefree. For example, your dog's harness diverts traction from the chest to the sides to the back and ensures that there is no pressure on the neck or back. The set components can also be purchased individually. We will be happy to advise you.