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Nina Ottosson

If you want to offer your dog an exciting challenge, you've come to the right place. Here dog owners will find superlative intelligence games for their pet from the brand Nina Ottosson.

These games not only ensure that the dog's intelligence is promoted, they also provide a lot of fun and joy for the animal and the owner. Nina Ottosson has developed a series of ingenious intelligence games that help dogs to develop and train their intelligence. The games are available in different levels of difficulty and so every dog can have a go at the games. One of the most popular games is "Dog Tornado", where the dog has to try to spin different objects in a tower. Another game by Nina Ottosson is the "MultiPuzzle". In this game, the dogs have to move and unlock different puzzle pieces in a certain order to reveal the food. This level 4 game is for absolute professionals who have cracked every puzzle before. The games can be played in different difficulty levels, depending on how well the dog is already familiar with such puzzles.

Nina Ottosson's games are unique because they are durable and fun for the dogs. Her toys are designed to match the animals' natural behaviour and help them build their intelligence. The Swedish company aims to make the best toys for dogs to help keep them happy and healthy. Due to the high-quality individual parts, the fun for humans should not end even when cleaning. All toys can be cleaned easily and hygienically.

Ultimate Intelligence Games for Dogs by Nina Ottosson

With their wide range of products, dogs can always master new challenges and thus keep their brains active. This not only ensures a better bond between human and dog, but also a healthier and happier life for your four-legged friend. Through the innovative design, they should always find new challenges and thus be able to develop their natural abilities. Nina Ottosson's games are a great way to develop your dog's intelligence and fun factor. At Woofshack, you'll find a great selection of games by Nina Ottosson to give your dog the best challenge. Browse our selection and find the perfect game for your dog! Shop now!