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Dog life jackets

Almost all dogs can swim and most of them love the water. But they are only equipped for shorter swims. In addition, a river or lake is a different water landscape than, for example, the sea. With dog life jackets you are definitely on the safe side.

If you like sailing or other water sports, you'll want to take your four-legged friend along more often. This is not always risk-free for dogs. Therefore, the dog life jacket is not a superfluous gimmick, but primarily serves the safety of your four-legged favorite. For example, think of daredevil adventures or a small accident.

More safety in water sports

The signal color is always recognizable in the water, because the vest carries your friend and keeps him on the surface. At the same time, thanks to the favorable cut of the vest, he is free in his movements on land as well as in the water. With the practical carrying handle on the back you pull the dog out of the water or support him, because he can not climb back into a boat by himself.

Safe on the way in the water

Dog life jackets for safe water adventures are lightweight and available in many sizes. It's worth outfitting your dog with them. We humans also often wear a safety life jacket, especially during risky ventures on the water. Therefore, it should go without saying that your dog should be equipped as professionally.