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19 products


Are you looking for high-quality dog accessories that outshine many other suppliers? Then you've come to the right place! Paikka is a Finnish company that specialises in high-quality and durable dog products with many practical features.

Whether you're looking for a high-visibility dog harness, a coat for faster regeneration, a cooling bowl or an orthopaedic dog bed for your four-legged friend - you'll find it at Paikka! We offer the full range of the different products in all kinds of colours and sizes. There are also some practical products for dog owners. Have you always wanted to walk with your dog in a partner look? That's possible here with the matching rain coats. The unique surface reflects the light and makes you completely visible in the dark.

Paikka is more than just a brand, Paikka is an absolute asset. They strive to improve the lives of dogs and provide them with the best equipment possible. To do this, they develop high-quality products that meet the current needs of our four-legged friends. Paikka offers both functional clothing and everyday gear for dogs of all sizes. With its high-quality design and focus on special functionality, Paikka has established itself as one of the most popular brands among dog owners worldwide. The clothing features waterproof and breathable materials that are comfortable and durable. It also protects against unpleasant weather conditions and keeps your dog warm and dry at all times. Paikka's clothing line offers a wide range of stylish designs, colours and sizes so dog owners can completely style themselves and their pet in the latest trends.

Premium Dog Gear from Paikka

The Paikka brand aims to produce the best dog accessories on the market, outshining many other manufacturers on the market. Their products are of the highest quality and provide you and your dog with everything they need. They only use high quality material and ensure that the products are durable and long lasting. Paikka has a wide range of products that will please your four-legged friend. The dog coats are made from premium quality materials and will withstand a variety of weather conditions. The harnesses and leashes have large reflective surfaces and many practical details. You can be sure that your pet is always reliably leashed. In addition, it will attract all eyes. Paikka's goal is to offer you the best quality so that you and your dog can enjoy the products for a long time.

Paikka is a Finnish brand that specialises in premium dog accessories and matching jackets for dog owners. You can also find training bags, food bowls, dog beds and toys in the selected range. They combine design and function to create luxurious products for the modern dog owner. Their high quality products are made from durable materials and are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Paikka offers a wide range of accessories for you and your four-legged friend - from sniff mats and cuddly blankets to jumpsuits and toys. Each product is specially designed to meet the needs of the discerning dog owner and carefully crafted to ensure they are durable and practical. Thanks to the minimalist but stylish design of the dog clothing, you can be sure that your best friend will stand out from the crowd! With Paikka, you can give your four-legged friend a great outfit that works as well as it looks!