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Skijoring belt

Skijoring belts are important helpers for a demanding tour. They fit perfectly, do not press and chafe. Two adjustable leg loops ensure that the belt does not slip towards the waist. After all, he is exposed to strong forces: The pull line is attached to it at the front, the second end of which is latched into your dog's pull harness. It's important to absorb these strong pulling forces and redirect them sideways to protect your bones and joints, especially your back.

Stable belts for a great sport

Imagine how powerfully your four-legged friend will jump into the leash when the tour finally starts. Even on the road, every now and then a weaker and a stronger pull will affect you. The pull line has a jerk absorber: this is the first station to absorb the force. The belt itself represents the second station.

Practical details

In skijoring, as in any pull dog sport, your dog and you cover further distances than in a normal walk. Plus, your friend is doing active work and may need a break along the way. Some belts have pockets and holders built into them so you can pack water bottles and energy bars, as well as treats and other small items. With this, you'll be well equipped.