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As a dog owner, you want to offer your four-legged friend only the best. TubiDog offers a wide range of different flavors that are guaranteed to make your dog's mouth water. Whether liver, poultry, salmon or bacon cream - there is something for every taste. The tubes are handy and practical, so you can easily take them in your pocket. So you always have a small reward ready, if your dog was good or you just want to make him happy.

But TubiDog is not only an excellent snack. The treat from the tube can also be a great help when training your dog. Thanks to the handy packaging, you can quickly and easily give your dog small rewards without wasting a lot of time. This makes training a positive experience for your dog and you strengthen your bond.

Another advantage of TubiDog is that it does not contain artificial additives. So you can offer your dog a healthy and balanced diet without having to give up treats. The tubes are also easy to dose, so you can always give the right amount of treat.