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Dogscooter harnesses

Dog Scootering is a great sport that will inspire not only you, but also your four-legged friend. All you need is a dog that is enthusiastic about pulling and is at least 1.5 years old. Please note that your dog may pull a maximum of 3-4 times its own body weight. The weight of the dog scooter should be taken into account - the most common models weigh between 11 and 15 kilos. Furthermore, your dog needs a very good harness. It must leave the shoulders free and give the chest the opportunity to expand powerfully.

A wonderful fun with the scooter

Our pull harnesses are of the very best quality and suitable for pretty much all dog breeds. At the same time, it must be able to withstand a heavy load. Have you never tried dogscooting? Then let us advise you. We will also be happy to help you with other basic questions about this demanding sport. Your dog has to work a little more intensively than in bikejöring, for example. On the bike you provide a lot of support, while on the scooter you probably just let yourself be pulled. You can offer your dog valuable help by pedaling along yourself. This way, your dog saves strength and you can make a bigger lap.

Pulling harnesses of good quality

There's no question that all of your gear needs to be of good quality. Click through our Dogscooter harnesses and decide which one suits you best. Your dog needs a lot of freedom of movement, at the same time the load must be evenly distributed on the chest during the race. At the same time, the neck and back are completely relieved. If you're unsure, drop us an email, visit us on chat or pick up the phone. We will help you find exactly the right harness.