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Dog accessories

If you are traveling with your dog for longer trips, you should take a few things with you. It already starts with the journey where you need suitable car accessories for dogs. Sensibly selected dog accessories include food, special containers and dog toys.

If you are outside overnight, your dog needs his own mat to lie on. It will protect him from the cool and/or damp ground. On colder nights, your four-legged friend will be happy to have a warm sleeping bag. Dog travel beds can also be carried by your dog himself with appropriate equipment. They do not weigh much and do not overtax the dog.

On the way with dog is pure pleasure

During the day, you probably have long distances ahead of you and sweeten the distance with a water toy for dogs or a dog toy to throw that satisfies the hunting instinct. Floating toys are especially fun for your darling, because the cooling, swimming and retrieving are a nice change from the normal running. Great tours lead you over hill and dale and through beautiful nature. You will enjoy the experience together with your dog as well as the incomparable views in the mountains or the wide view of open landscapes.

Indispensable dog accessories

In addition to dog toys and dog beds also include a food bowl and a water bowl, respectively. Foldable models, which are also absolutely waterproof, are the first choice here. The high-quality material is very light and your four-legged friend will be happy to carry his own equipment. How many items your dog should carry depends on its size and strength. Dogs that are healthy and strong will hardly be unduly burdened with the light, modern materials of bowls and dog travel beds including dog travel blanket. You will find a wide selection of dog accessories. Have fun browsing.