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Arctic Wolf

The actual originator of British label Arctic Wolf goes by the name of Arctic Wolf – Dakota: A beautiful dog that made its owner Stuart Malcolmson become seriously interested in dogsled races.

Having found a new interest in dogsled races, Malcolmson began to work on the idea to offer proper equipment and started to sell it on the European market in 2010. Up to then, there has not been any EU-production for that sector yet.

High-quality products by Arctic Wolf

The small team did not have an easy start and like many start-ups, they began to work from home. They consequently implemented they insider knowledge to develop their products, grew enormously and satisfied with quality.

Arctic Wolf sled leashes

We maintain several practical sled leashes that will bring a lot of fun to you and your four-legged friend: Which sport do you wish to practice with your dog? There are light sled leashes for several kinds of joring, as well as ultra-light canicross leashes. Arctic Wolf also offers sled leashes for two or three dogs. Do you like to bicycle alongside your dog? Then you should consider Arctic Wolf’s bike antennas for leashes. Otherwise, there is a great risk of the front wheel cycling over the leash again and again.