Ruffwear Camp Flyer™ flying disc dog toy

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Protects your dog's teeth and gums

The Ruffwear Camp Flyer™: a particularly attractive flying disc dog toy - Do you often go out with your dog and do you often pass a large meadow or a large clearing? Then you can take a toy of a special kind with you: the popular Ruffwear Camp Flyer, a wonderfully light Frisbee dog toy. Both of you will have a lot of fun with it: You throw the Frisbee the way any of these slices are thrown: It should rotate horizontally in the air and fly as far as possible. You will see with what bliss your quadruped will chase this disc. Moreover, it is not just any disc, but a particularly soft one. This protects the teeth and gums of your little hunter. He retrieves the disc, brings it to you, and then the wonderful game starts all over again.

Always comes back to its old form

The Ruffwear Camp Flyer is so elastic that it always returns to its old shape when you or your darling squeezes it. The flexible flying disc dog toy can easily be taken along on trips because it takes up very little space and has very little weight. Especially on a camping trip it should not be missing. If it falls into the water, this is not too bad, because the disc is sealed waterproof. It is available in the eye-catching colours Mandarin Orange and Pitaya Pink, so it is easy to see when you have thrown it far away. Most dogs love playing Frisbee and the speed that comes with it. So your dog gets the exercise he needs and you two play together for quite a while. This is exactly what every four-legged friend longs for.
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Ruffwear Camp Flyer™ flying disc dog toy

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Size Diameter
ONE SIZE 22 cm / 8.7 in
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