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Pro-Nutrition Protect DIGEST, veterinary dog food

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Free your dog from digestive problems

Discover Pro-Nutrition Protect DIGEST, the dry dog food specially formulated to support the health and well-being of your four-legged friend. This food has been carefully formulated to reduce recurring digestive disorders such as diarrhea and promote overall gut health. It also helps with food intolerances by containing a balanced blend of ingredients that are easily digestible and gentle on the gastrointestinal tract. If your dog suffers from skin problems or itching, you can finally find relief. The special formula of this food contains valuable ingredients that can help to alleviate allergies and improve skin health. Your dog will feel more comfortable thanks to the reduced itching and his coat will look shiny and healthy again. Another benefit of Pro-Nutrition Protect DIGEST is its effectiveness in treating hyperlipidemia. This condition affects many dogs and can lead to serious health problems. With this dry food, you can regulate your dog's cholesterol levels and thus minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease. Thanks to the balanced composition of the food, the formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract is reduced and unpleasant burping is prevented. With selected animal proteins from fish and duck, this high-quality product offers an effective solution to reduce symptoms such as diarrhea, loose stools, bloating and weight loss in your dog.

Natural ingredients for better digestion

What sets this dry food apart from other products is the harmonious blend of artichoke, combretum, boldo and limited fat content. This combination not only promotes general health, but also supports liver health. The ingredients it contains promote liver detoxification and help to reduce potential health problems. In addition, this dry food contains other valuable ingredients such as fennel seeds, turmeric, rosemary and biochar. These special ingredients ensure optimal digestive comfort and support the intestinal tract. Your dog will benefit from improved digestion and thus regain a better quality of life. It provides important nutrients for the health of your dog's intestinal microbiota, such as fructo-oligosaccharides, brewer's yeast and psyllium fibers. Flaxseed and fish oil are important sources of omega-3, which are known for their anti-inflammatory effects. To support the metabolism, the French manufacturer has reduced the fat content in this product. This facilitates digestion and assimilation. Fat reduction is particularly important for dogs with diarrhea, hyperlipidemia and acute pancreatitis. All plant-based raw materials are GMO-free. Pro-Nutrition Protect DIGEST offers a wide range of applications for dogs with various health problems. Whether your dog suffers from digestive disorders, skin problems, allergies or hyperlipidemia, this dry food can be a real solution. Order today and give your dog the best support for his health. Your pet will thank you!

For more information on the most suitable diet for your dog and its state of health, we recommend that you consult your vet.

feeding recommendation

Normal activity: Weight of the dog / amount of food per day:

  • 2 kg: 54 g
  • 5 kg: 108 g
  • 10 kg: 182 g
  • 15 kg: 247 g
  • 20 kg: 306 g
  • 25 kg: 362 g
  • 30 kg: 415 g
  • 40 kg: 515 g
  • 50 kg: 608 g
  • 60 kg: 697 g
  • 70 kg: 783 g
  • 80 kg: 865 g

Moderate activity: Weight of the dog / amount of food per day:

  • 2 kg: 49 g
  • 5 kg: 98 g
  • 10 kg: 165 g
  • 15 kg: 224 g
  • 20 kg: 278 g
  • 25 kg: 329 g
  • 30 kg: 377 g
  • 40 kg: 468 g
  • 50 kg: 553 g
  • 60 kg: 634 g
  • 70 kg: 712 g
  • 80 kg: 787 g

Neutered: Weight of the dog / amount of food per day:

  • 2 kg: 47 g
  • 5 kg: 93 g
  • 10 kg: 157 g
  • 15 kg: 213 g
  • 20 kg: 264 g
  • 25 kg: 312 g
  • 30 kg: 358 g
  • 40 kg: 444 g
  • 50 kg: 525 g
  • 60 kg: 602 g
  • 70 kg: 676 g
  • 80 kg: 747 g
Key Features
  • Veterinary dry food for dogs with digestive problems
  • Specially developed for the treatment of dogs with food intolerances
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Reduced in fat
  • Reduction of initial product and nutrient intolerance symptoms
  • Support of the fat metabolism in case of hyperlipidaemia
  • Selected animal proteins from fish (with sardines) and duck (without pork, chicken or beef) to reduce those food intolerances
  • Artichoke, combretum, boldo leaves with a limited fat content for good liver health
  • Fennel seeds, turmeric, rosemary, vegetable charcoal for optimal digestion
  • Complete dietetic foodProvides all essential ingredients for the balance of an adult dog
  • Based on the beneficial effects of plants
  • Made in France
  • Mainly ingredients from western France
  • Size of the feed kibble: 13 mm

Dehydrated sardine proteins (min. 14%), rice, hulled oats, dried fish (min. 4%), tapioca, sweet potato, apple fibres, peas, dehydrated duck proteins (min. 4%), bean fibres, duck fat, linseed, animal protein (hydrolysed), fish autolysates (1%), healing clay, brewer's yeast, psyllium fibres, fish oil, fennel seeds, fructo-oligosaccharides, sea salt, artichoke, rosemary, long fibres (combretum), boldo leaves, turmeric, vegetable charcoal, rosemary extract, aloe vera, vitamins and trace elements.

It is recommended to seek the advice of a vet before using or extending the feeding period.

Selected and limited protein sources: dehydrated sardine proteins, dehydrated duck proteins, dried fish (without dehydrated pork, chicken, beef proteins). Selected carbohydrate sources: Rice, hulled oats, tapioca, sweet potato. Sources of omega-3: linseed, fish oil. Low fat content.

  • 100% made in France
  • 77% animal protein in total crude protein
  • 47.42% ingredients of French origin
  • Free from preservatives and colourings

Tips for a successful dietary change:

A slow dietary change is essential to ensure that the changeover can take place under good conditions. This transition will allow your dog to gradually get used to the new diet.

  • Day 1 and 2: 75% of the old food + 25% of the new food
  • Days 3 and 4: 50 % of the old food + 50 % of the new food
  • Days 5 and 6: 25 % of the old feed + 75 % of the new feed
  • Day 7: 100 % of the new food

These instructions serve as a guide, the duration of the transition must be adapted to your dog's sensitivity.

Analytical components
  • Crude protein: 27.0%
  • Crude fat: 11.0%
  • Crude fibre: 5.5%
  • Minerals: 7%
  • Non-nitrogenous extract: 39.5%
  • Moisture: 10.0%Energy / 100 g: 1423 kJ / 340 kcal


Calcium: 1.2%, Phosphorus: 0.85%, Sodium: 0.39%, Potassium: 0.8%, Magnesium: 0.14%, Omega 3: 15 g/kg, Omega 6: 13.9 g/kg, EPA + DHA - Omega 3: 5.1 g/kg, Lysine: 16 g/kg, Methionine: 5.8 g/kg, L-carnitine: - mg/kg, taurine: - mg/kg, copper: 20 mg/kg, zinc: 200 mg/kg, including chelated zinc: 72 mg/kg, manganese: 76 mg/kg, iodine: 3.3 mg/kg, selenium: 0.52 mg/kg, including organic selenium: - mg/kg, vitamin A: 13600 IU/kg, vitamin D3: 900 IU/kg, vitamin E: 250 IU/kg, vitamin B1: 84 mg/kg, vitamin B2: 10.4 mg/kg, vitamin B5 - pantothenic acid: 42 mg/kg, vitamin B6: 9.6 mg/kg, vitamin B12: 0.22 mg/kg, vitamin PP: 32 mg/kg, biotin: 2.4 mg/kg, vitamin B9 folic acid: 2.2 mg/kg, choline chloride: 1725 mg/kg.

Pro-Nutrition Protect DIGEST, Veterinärmedizinisches Hundefutter - Woofshack
Pro-Nutrition Protect DIGEST, Veterinärmedizinisches Hundefutter - Woofshack
Pro-Nutrition Protect DIGEST, Veterinärmedizinisches Hundefutter - Woofshack
Pro-Nutrition Protect DIGEST, Veterinärmedizinisches Hundefutter - Woofshack
Video - About Pro-Nutrition - Manufacturing process

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