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Canicross harnesses

Canicross harnesses for dogs: more running fun with the professional equipment - Canicross is a trend sport that gets you and your dog up to speed. For this, you'll need a belly harness, your dog will get a pull harness, and the two of you will be connected with a pull line about two meters long. Which canicross harnesses fit your dog depends mostly on his size and build.

Ergonomic Canicross Harnesses

With professional accessories successful in pulling dog sport - Probably you have already made forest runs with your four-legged friend, keeping the standard leash in hand. However, if you want to take the running fun to a more professional level, a good canicross harness including leash and belly strap is an essential requirement. This way you have both hands free. Your dog won't experience pressure on the airways, because perfectCanicross harnesses for dogs are ergonomically designed and direct the pull from the chest to the sides to the back. Some models also have adjustable straps that let you adjust the padded material for the best fit. Also, your dog will not be hindered in his movement. This is very important for a good canicross training, because you will soon be attuned to each other and reach a good running speed. So a really good pulling harness is the basis.

Caniross harnesses for dogs with ideal pull point

The pull point on a canicross harness is ideal for your dog and does not stress him at all. He feels you when your connection line is tightened. This gives him the security that he is doing everything right and the path is correct; after all, he absolutely has to run in front of you in canicross and can't see you. With a perfectly fitted canicross harness and a little practice, you may soon be competing in pull dog sports. Unsure which canicross harness is right for your dog? Let us advise you!