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Dog cooling vests

The hottest days come in July and August in the constellation of the Big Dog -- your dog will stay nice and cool with our dog cooling vests for your dog days. We offer cooling vests and cooling jackets for warm days and nights, hot summer days, and extreme stresses on your four-pawed friend. For certain hiking harnesses, you'll find clever chest protectors to keep your agile dog cool.

Cool your dog with the right cooling vest

Our various models offer you individual features for every purpose, such as three-layer fabric for maximum cooling. At the same time, our cooling vests protect against wind chill in sweaty fur during less muscular activity. Then again, our special products cool under a blazing sun. These mobile climate systems work very simply, for example by evaporation: You hold the fabric briefly in cold water and put it on your dog wrung out.

Lightweight dog cooling vests for high mobility

Our especially light cooling vests for dogs with open cut support high mobility of your companion. Zippers make it easy to put on and take off, and reflectors protect you in the dark. Airy design vests direct fast, cooling air currents along your running body, especially when mountain biking or cross-country running. Mirror shields made of super-light, body-flexing elastane block out direct sunlight. Outer layers of our Smart fabric promote cooling evaporation, the core stores evaporating cool water, and inner layers conduct body heat to the outside.