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Dog boots

Four-legged friends with dog boots are not yet a common sight on our roads. But anyone who travels cross-country with their dog knows the problems that can arise from such a tour: A sharp stone or a piece of glass cuts into the paws and can severely injure them. The dog will be able to perform only with pain. If dirt gets into the wound during the next walk, it will take a long time to heal. For such and other cases, special dog boots are an excellent help.

Protection for sensitive paws

Your dog doesn't feel like going for a walk, let alone on a trekking tour? Then check his paws for splinters, abrasions or cuts. Even the road salt on our winter roads is poison to sensitive paws. Our dog boots have a thick sole and protect your four-legged friend from injury. They fit comfortably and still provide freedom of movement. Their sole is slip-resistant, so you'll be safe even on rough terrain or in winter when it's icy and snowy. Plus, no more painful snow pellets can form between your pads.

Good fit of the dog boots

Your best friend will quickly become friends with the boots. It's best to get him used to the boots one at a time: start with one shoe on his back paw and let him get familiar with it, then the next, and so on. He will find that the boots protect him and he can walk much more comfortably. You can order the dog boots in sets of two or four and in the appropriate size. For an even better grip, dog socks are a soft, comfortable base. They also provide additional protection, for example, in the case of a bandage.