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Outdoor Dog Equipment

Experience many adventures with the right outdoor dog equipment - If you like to go on a challenging tour with your dog, you need professional outdoor dog equipment. This already starts with a normal leash. Short or long leash, double leash for two four-legged friends and special sports leashes: properly equipped, even the short walk is much more fun. You can train with your dog and disturb neither pedestrians nor cyclists - especially with two dogs this is not always easy when you use separate leashes. Have you ever done a special bike ride with your dog or tried a new form of jogging? Here, too, the right equipment plays a big role.

The right outdoor dog equipment for demanding tours

We have the right equipment for almost all outdoor adventures. A variety of belly straps for you, longer connection lines for both of you and much more. The climbing tour becomes even more extreme with a suitable climbing harness. You can take your four-legged friend with you, there is an excellent abseiling harness for dogs for this purpose, with which you can even abseil your companion. Remember to praise your dog a lot and give him some treats. Then he'll know he's doing the right thing.

Challenging hiking - adventurous hiking gear for great explorers

We are also the right partner for hiking with dogs: Our hiking equipment offers everything necessary, especially for such adventurous routes. Is your dog a daring, curious and alert character who will go with you through thick and thin? Then take a dog backpack with you and put a good dog harness on your darling. You can recognize this by the fact that it does not hinder your dog in movement, is very stable and best of all is equipped with additional luminous strips for the twilight. We also offer best car harnesses for dogs for car trips. Start with smaller trips and gradually increase the stimulus.

Always well equipped for outdoor activities with dog

Also pack a dog rain jacket. If it gets chilly, a warming coat for dog harnesses is a good idea. In the summer, dog cooling vests will keep your four-legged favorite fresh. With the right outdoor dog gear, you'll both have a lot of fun with your respective hobbies.