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Skijoring Set

Skijoring is one of the most original of all train sports. You stand on the narrow boards and let yourself be pulled. In our case dogs are the pulling animals, in other latitudes you are pulled by horses, by cars or motorcycles. It is a winter sport with a high fun factor, and we will help you with it.

Skijoring: the adventurous winter fun

A perfectly assembled skijoring set is essential for the sport of pulling dogs. First, your dog gets a high-quality pulling harness that distributes the pulling forces evenly while completely relieving the neck and back. It must be adjustable and fit the body perfectly. The pressure generated during the work is distributed from the chest over the sides to the back, so that the dog can breathe freely. A skijoring leash is hooked into this harness. It has a jerk absorber. If your darling jumps into the leash and pulls jerkily, both of you will feel the shock much less. The other end of the leash is attached to your waist belt. This distributes the pull over the sides, similar to the dog harness. This relieves especially your back.

Best equipped with a skijoring set

With such a skijoring set you are well equipped. Consider whether you also want to put on a helmet and shoes for your dog. Both serve your protection.