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Car accessories for dogs

Practical car accessories for dogs - As much as you love your dog: You surely love your car, too. If both come together, there are often dirt, saliva and scratch marks. We offer you the right car accessories for dogs. There are two requirements to be met: The car should remain intact and clean, your darling should feel comfortable when you are traveling. Accordingly, our car accessories for dogs is broadly positioned.

Practical dog car accessories for on the road

Here you will find soft dog blankets, which are coated with polyester on the underside. So the cold of the ground is kept away from your darling. To reinforce the protection, isomats are a good choice.

In addition, the blankets compensate for some unevenness. Of course, they can also be used indoors. To make it comfortable for smaller dogs in the car, we offer an appropriate car seat for dogs. Special bags are also part of our car accessories for dogs. Thus, we carry models with a practical clip closure that can be opened wide. This way you have everything in view. Stowed is what has space in the compartments, whether dog toys, leash, treats or passport.

Protect your car

Furthermore, we offer a practical tarp and interior protectors for the car doors. These dog car accessories are especially important if you travel a lot outdoors. During a tour over hill and dale some dirt will end up in your car. The tarp can be unfolded and installed in a few easy steps. Your dog can still be safely strapped in, as is required when traveling.