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Bikejoring bike antennas

Pulling dog sports is the generic term for various sports in which your dog is allowed to pull you or your vehicle. Of course, this also applies to a small team: For example, two dogs can pull you. This brings variety into the everyday life and gives you and the dog a lot of fun. Your dog will get enough exercise and you'll be hurtling over hill and dale together.

Pulling dog sport only with bike antenna

Bike antennas are especially important for this kind of sport. They prevent the leash that connects the two of you from dragging on the ground or getting tangled in the front wheel. Such an antenna is a protection, because a dragging line can cause a fall. Also, the front wheel may run over it and get tangled in it. Therefore, the principle of bike antennas is quite simple: they are attached to the front of the head tube of your bike or scooter. The effort required is minimal. There is even an antenna with a click-fix closure, which can be quickly attached and also removed.

Antennas light and robust

The line that runs from your dog's pull harness to your bike is kept at a distance from the tire by the antenna for a longer distance. So pulling dog sports without bike antennas can be dangerous. The expenditure for this small addition is therefore well invested money. Just ask us if you are unsure which antenna to choose. We will be happy to advise you.