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LickiMat® is an Australian company specializing in the manufacture of treat dispenser mats for dogs. All LickiMat® products are made with attention to detail and are 100% silicone-free, environmentally friendly TPR (thermoplastic rubber). They are food safe, odorless and tasteless.

LickiMat® is a slow feeder designed to help dogs brush their teeth and keep them busy. It also does a great job as a distraction in various everyday situations such as visits to the vet, brushing, cutting claws or having visitors. The LickiMat® line of products has a non-slip bottom to make sure it doesn't slip away from your dog while they're licking. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors and can be coated with a variety of snacks.

Different textures and shapes for longer fun

If you have a particularly greedy dog, then you surely know the problem: you want your darling to eat a little slower and enjoy the snack. But he gobbles down his food and all the treats immediately and is still hungry afterwards. Yet it's so important for dogs to digest their food slowly to stay healthy. But how can you teach the animal to enjoy its food more consciously? The makers of LickiMat® thought about this for a long time and soon developed the licking mats for dogs. On the mats are different structures and shapes, from which your darling can nibble and lick out his food - depending on what kind of treat is on the mat. This not only stimulates digestion (because more saliva is produced), but your pet also enjoys the food bowl much longer! Besides, of course, it also reduces the risk of overweight or even obesity :)