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Dog beds

Where and how does your four-legged friend lie? You probably have a mat for him or a cozy blanket and you make sure that there is no draft at the sleeping place. But do you sometimes have doubts as to whether this is comfortable enough? The fact is that your dog is just as happy as you are to have a soft place to lie down. That's why dog beds are ideal, because they come in all sizes, in several colors and in a wide variety of designs. So you're sure to find the right model for your home.

Variety of models in demand

We have dog beds, dog beds that are padded throughout, and others with a full edge. Some beds are more rectangular, others rounded. Some can be combined with the dog bed as an add-on, the others lie flat on the floor. There are even real cuddle dens. Some of our beds are made of durable materials, similar to denim, and are crafted like upholstered furniture. Depending on your preference, there are thicker and thinner dog beds or dog blankets. Are you looking for a bed that you can put on the terrace in good weather? Then it's best to choose a model that is designed for outdoor use.

Which dog beds fit best?

Whether small promenade mix or XXL breed dog, there are dog beds to fit every dog. The smallest models have the measurement XS. If the bed fits optimally to the body size, your four-legged darling feels especially comfortable. By the way, many dogs like to put their head on the border. This can also be a purchase criterion. If you have a slobbering dog, it certainly makes sense to buy a washable dog bed.