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Ruffwear Huckama, dog toy

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Color – Sage Green






Keeps your dog on the go

Are you ready for the ultimate toy for your four-legged friend? Then let us introduce you to the Ruffwear Huckama! This product will delight you and your dog alike. The Huckama is an interactive toy designed specifically for dogs who love to fetch. With its unique design and sturdy construction, the Huckama is ready to withstand any challenge and provide hours of fun. What really sets the Huckama apart from other dog toys is its shape. It consists of a ball-like main part with rounded corners and several openings into which you can fill snacks. This special shape allows the Huckama to bounce and roll in all sorts of directions, giving your dog an exciting and unpredictable play experience. It is made of sturdy natural rubber that can withstand even the most persistent chewing attacks. No matter how wildly your dog chews on it or how many times it is thrown, the Huckama will remain intact.

More than just a fetch toy

But that's not all! The Huckama also features a rubber surface that not only provides a better grip, but also helps the toy last longer. And the best part? The Huckama isn't just for playing fetch. You can also use it as an interactive toy by rolling it across the floor or tossing it through the air. Your dog will love chasing after it and catching it! The Huckama's bright colors ensure that you can always keep an eye on him, even in tall grass or water. So you can spend the most beautiful hours of play together with your dog, without worrying about losing the ball. The special structure of the material gently massages the gums and also cleans the teeth - a perfect multifunctional device! So what are you waiting for? Get the Ruffwear Huckama and experience hours of fun together with your dog! You definitely won't regret it.

Key Features
  • For variety when playing
  • Jumps unpredictably due to its shape
  • Always provides surprises
  • Made of safe natural rubber
  • Ideal for dogs with larger mouths
  • Durable, chew resistant
  • Can be thrown over longer distances
  • Also for rolling
  • 8 cm diameter
  • Lies well in the mouthCan be filled with snacks
  • Good for teeth and chewing muscles
  • Three different colours available
  • Supervised play recommended
  • Made from natural rubber - a renewable, sustainable resource
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Diameter: 8 cm
  • Hand wash
  • Delicate detergent
  • Air dry
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Video - Ruffwear Gourdo, Turnup & Huckama
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack
Ruffwear Huckama, Hundespielzeug - Woofshack

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Das ist das ultimative Spielzeug für unterwegs. Wir sind mit unserem Hund oft auf langen Wanderungen unterwegs, wenn der Huckama im Rucksack ist, dann ist unser Rüde schon ganz aufgeregt und wartet darauf, dass er auf der Wiese oder am Waldrand spielen darf.
Der Ball erzeugt beim Werfen einen leisen Ton, so dass er nicht nur optisch sondern auch akustisch eine Orientierung gibt. Der eigentliche Spass beginnt aber erst, wenn der Huckama am Boden aufspringt und schlagartig die Richtung ändert und damit unseren Hund richtig anspornt.
Ein sehr geniales Spielzeug, das unser Hund heiß und innig liebt. Kleiner Tip: leicht bergab auf festen Waldwegen springt der Huckama besonders wild in alle Richtungen dank Steinen und Wurzelwerk.


Tolles spielzeug, mein hund hat sichtlich freude daran.
zu meiner vorschreiberin: hundespielzeug wie solche bälle würde ich grundsätzlich nur im freien verwenden, es sein denn ich will die wohnung renovieren


Ausschließlich im Freien geeignet, Indoor-Anwendungen können zu Schäden an Hund und Einrichtung führen, der Ball springt tatsächlich dahin, wohin er will ... Meist dahin, wo er nicht hin soll...


Dieser Ball macht total Spaß, er springt unerwartet in alle Richtungen. Mein Beagle ist schon fast süchtig danach LOL

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