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Kurgo Backseat Dog Barrier

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The Kurgo Backseat Barrier: the ideal protection for man and dog.

An unruly dog in the car is a danger for you as a driver and for himself. There are four-legged friends who like to squeeze between the driver and passenger seats. If this happens while getting in the car, it is not as dangerous as while driving. Nevertheless, it is not desirable that your dog pushes forward. With the robust Kurgo Backseat Barrier you have a safe dog separation. The black fabric is lightweight and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. The integrated metal frame provides more stability. Your four-legged friend can not break through the backseat barrier for dogs. The upper part is worked as a net, so your darling can always look through. So he does not feel neglected. But do not forget to take enough breaks if you are on the road for a long time.

Can be attached with a few simple steps

The Kurgo Backseat Barrier can be attached to the two front seats in six places with just a few simple steps. In the pocket on the back you can store small items, for example a water bottle and treats for your pet. The car backseat partition for dogs fits so perfectly that you don't have to remove it when companions sit in the back seat or you transport luggage in the rear. Besides, you can enjoy clean front seats. However, the back seat barrier for dogs is not a substitute for dog car locks. You can also get the different safety systems in our store. Just have a look around! The Kurgo Backseat Barrier comes in a universal size. It fits most cars (just not 2-door and minivans). The side straps are flexibly adjustable to the required width.

Key Features
  • Safe separation for the car back seat
  • Careful workmanship
  • Easy to clean
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Attaches in a few simple steps
  • Mounts to the front seats
  • Flexibly adjustable to the required width
  • Pocket for small items
  • Fits most cars (except 2-door and mini-vans)
  • 56 x 69 cm
  • Spot clean
  • Hand wash
  • Hang to dry
Kurgo Backseat Barrier, Hunde Autorücksitz Abtrennung - Woofshack
Kurgo Backseat Barrier, Hunde Autorücksitz Abtrennung - Woofshack
Kurgo Backseat Barrier, Hunde Autorücksitz Abtrennung - Woofshack
Kurgo Backseat Barrier, Hunde Autorücksitz Abtrennung - Woofshack
Video - How to install the Kurgo Backseat Barrier

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Theo H.
Deutscher Boxer

Gefällt mir ganz gut. Ist bei unseren Autos universell einsetzbar und spart somit Kosten. Der Hund ist auf der Rückbank dennoch mit einem Autogeschirr angeschnallt um volle Sicherheit zu haben.

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