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Skijoring equipment

While some dog pulling sports are still relatively young, skijoring already has a history. The sport was first introduced at the 1928 Winter Olympics and has been popular ever since, even without further Olympic participation. Especially in Scandinavia, many skiing people enjoy being pulled by their dogs, but its popularity is growing in other countries as well.

Experience in cross-country skiing necessary - Especially if you live in a region where there is a relatively large amount of snow in the winter or you regularly go on winter vacations, skijoring is great for you and your four-legged friend to keep you physically and mentally exhausted. However, you should already have experience in cross-country skiing to let your dog pull you safely. Otherwise, at high speeds and in curves, it can quickly happen that you hurt yourself. If this is not the case, better train a few more winters and bridge the time, for example, with dogtrekking.

Equip dog and owner properly for skijoring

In order for your dog to be able to pull you on skis without suffering any damage, he needs a good pulling harness. It will distribute the pressure point better than standard harnesses. A pull line is also needed; since the skis already have a certain length, it should be at least three meters long one; a jerk damper is also necessary to have a balancing effect. It would be perfect if you wear a special Joring belt, which encloses the buttocks and thus provides a lot of comfort. Besides cross-country skis and the right boots, you need warm ski clothes. It is not to be underestimated how fast you can freeze in the wrong clothes, if you do sports, sweat and then take a break.

Check at the veterinarian is useful - Skijoring is strenuous for humans and animals. Your dog should therefore be strong enough to pull you. Nordic breeds are especially happy to be able to pull something at a fast pace, but any other breed that is strong enough can be used as well. Once the vet has given your Doberman or German Shepherd the okay that there's nothing wrong with using it from a health standpoint, you're ready to go.

Skijoring with a dog on special tracks

Especially in the beginning it is important not to overstrain your dog. Especially in the first weeks it is necessary to watch out for exhaustion in your four-legged friend and to take more breaks. To learn the correct handling of ski and companion, it is advisable to take a course. It is ideal if your dog already knows how to pull a sled, but skijoring is also suitable for beginner dogs. In no case should you use alpine skis for testing at home! The steel edges are too sharp and hard; there is a great risk of injury for your dog if you fall with them. It should be a given that you will not be on normal cross-country trails with your dog. Look for winter resorts that provide special trails for skijoring where you can have your fun. Find the ideal skijoring equipment in our online store or just let us advise you!

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