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Dog Travel Equipment

Having fun with your dog while travelling - Out and about with your dog - When you travel with a dog, you need to take along plenty of accessories, so your four-legged friend feels as happy as you do. Trips need to be planned a little differently. For example, you need to allow enough time for several long breaks in which you can exercise your dog - and yourself :-)

Take frequent breaks

When your dog is away on a trip, you will feed it treats or food, but always make sure that it gets enough to drink. A good way to do this is to use foldable watertight bowls which allow your dog to eat and drink with ease. Large amounts of dog food can be carried conveniently in a special bag, for example the Kibble Kaddie from Ruffwear. The Kibble Kaddie has a flap on the side which serves as a feeder and makes refilling the bag extremely easy.

Having fun

If you’re out on a long trip with your dog, don’t forget to take some toys with you. Your pet will enjoy playing with a little ball or a frisbee during some of the breaks. If your dog gets wet and dirty while it’s out, dry it off with a towel and then put a seat cover for dogs across the rear seats. It’s a good idea to get a travel bag to accommodate all the little things that your dog needs.

Travelling safely with your dog

A special dog harness which is designed to be used in a car is essential. As you will know, there are a wide variety of safety accessories for dogs in cars. Legally, dogs are regarded to be a load which has to be secured extremely well. The advantage of our car harnesses is that your dog can move quite freely. It can sit up, lie down or turn around. We only offer car harnesses that have passed the official crash tests. These harnesses keep your dog properly secured and stop it clambering through the car, which would put both you and your dog at risk.
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