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Travel dog bowls are perfect for short and long trips

Travel Dog Bowls
Travel dog bowls are perfect for short and long trips. If you are on tour with your dog for a longer period, the both of you will probably carry a backpack – yes, your dog as well. We offer excellent and light dog backpacks in which a lot can be stored. Our special travelling bowls are particularly space-saving, they can be folded. They consist of hard-wearing materials and can be cleaned easily. If you use to travel by car a lot, you can pack your bag with regular bowls. Just remember to take some cleaning utensils with you. A bit of water from a water bottle is enough, you can clean the bowls with it.

The perfect travelling bowl to go

There is room in the car for bags filled with dog food, as well. For instance, we have a portable backpack in stock, which has a special cut. You can allocate the food in portions. Fill it into the bowl or let your dog eat out of the supply bag. Water bottles are not only important in hot summer. Our models can perfectly be stored in the inside of a dog backpack. Your darling will know, that the bottle and treats belong to them, he will be happy to carry it. The light travel dog bowls can be placed here, as well as a go-fetch toy. You can buy the useful bowls in our shop.