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Dog toys for small and big dogs

Dog Toys
As soon as a dog is in the house, you'll need high-quality dog toys. Your four-legged friend is just as demanding as you are and is happy when he can try something new from time to time. We offer the best products of different brands. Note that your sweetheart likes to alternate between various functional toys. Throwing toys and chewing toys as well as toys that promote the ability to combine and the intelligence of the dogs are indispensable. In the twinkling of an eye, you'll find attractive and useful toys that will inspire your dog.

Dog toys for outdoor training

Our dog toys are washable and many of them can even swim. This makes Frisbees perfect for outdoor training. Also throwing toys like a ball is something for the water and for large fields. Durable materials have to yield slightly to the teeth, but they should last for a long time. With us you can rely on quality, because we pay great attention to it. Some products can even be filled with treats. This way your dog is challenged to get the stuff out of the toy. He'll be busy with it for hours - boredom looks different.

Note size selection

Some dog toys are only suitable for dogs of a certain size. Make sure you don't buy products that are too small for big dogs and vice versa. A distinction is also often made between toys for puppies and adult dogs. If you need advice, we are at your disposal.