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Dog Supplies for longer trips

Dog Supplies
Essential dog supplies for longer trips with your dog or day hikes - When you go on a long trip with your dog, there are several items that you need to take with you. Apart from a carefully chosen selection of dog accessories, you will also need food, special containers and toys. If you will be staying outside at night, your dog needs to have its own mat to lie on, to protect it against the cold and / or wet ground. If the nights are chilly, your four-legged friend will be happy to have a warm sleeping bag. Travel beds for dogs can also be carried by your pet if it is fitted with the proper equipment. Travel beds are light and will not overburden your dog.

Travelling with a dog is a lot of fun

During the day, you're probably planning to travel long distances together, so the trip will be more fun if you take along some water toys or other toys that you can throw to satisfy your dog's hunting instinct. Floating toys are especially enjoyable for dogs because the cooling effect of the water and swimming and retrieving make a nice change from a normal walk. Fantastic tours with your dog will take you over hill and dale and allow you both to experience some magnificent countryside. You will enjoy the experience as much as your dog while taking in some incomparable mountain scenery or wide-open landscapes.

The right dog supplies

Apart from water toys and a dog travel bed, your equipment should also include dog food and a bowl for food and water. The best choice is a folding bowl which is also completely waterproof. These bowls are made of high-quality lightweight material, and your four-legged friend will definitely enjoy carrying its own equipment. How many pieces of equipment your dog can carry depends on its size and strength. An animal that is healthy and strong will probably not be overloaded carrying a bowl and a travel bed with a blanket if they are made from the latest lightweight materials. If you’re not sure that your busy four-legged friend should carry the paw ointment as well, carry it yourself, but don’t forget to take it along under any circumstances!