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Neckline for two dogs

Dog Joring Neckline
A neckline provides you with more safety – a neckline is useful, whenever you do sleddog sports with two dogs. The sturdy carabiners made from stainless steel get clinked into your darlings’ collars. Better use cushioned, wide-cut collars. The neckline is approximately 30 centimeters long, it keeps the dogs side by side. This way, they will not be able to drift apart.

For the safety of the team

It is important that both dogs run into the same direction, while they pull you and your piece of sports equipment. Otherwise, it can be dangerous, you might lose control over your dogs and fall. A neckline helps you prevent your dogs from drifting apart and keep the team under control.

Neckline and fitting sled leash

You will need a sled leash for two dogs, as well. You can hitch the carabiner to each of the harnesses’ tail ends. The leash has two ends, some models have two separate hitch dampers – one for each dog. The leash is sufficient for some dogs, though some dogs will not walk parallelly to each other. Especially four-legged fellows who have not made contact to any sleddog sport yet, will have hard times dealing with it for the first time. A neckline is the perfect addition, helping the dogs get used to it.