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Dog Joring for more dog sporting adventures

Dog Joring Equipment

Dog joring encompass a lot of things: canicross, bikejoring, scooterjoring, skijoring and more!

"Joring" comes from the Norwegian "Kjøring" and means "driving sport." Dog sporting is all about teams of athletic people and tenacious dogs, mongrels and purebreds alike. With deep trust, dog and human are bound together with an elastic joring line. The athletes then command the appropriate course of action. The dogs, however, like to set the speed!

Running with your dog

In canicross, teams whiz over hill and dale while the canicross belt absorbs the quadruped's pulling force. This allows the shock absorbers to absorb the leash's varying speeds. Panic Snaps defuse high tension loads and release leashes. This way, athletes and their animals are protected from injury. These dogs also run in special harnesses, much like sled dogs: smartly placed pressure points protect the animals' lungs without interfering with their comfort. Canicross arose out of skijoring and Bikejoring as a popular dog sport. In bikejoring, athletes bike behind their four-legged friends (or just leisurely let themselves be pulled). For more dog power, each team is bound to two dogs with necklines. Bike antennae lead joring lines beyond the front wheels. This way, the lines get entangled less often and accidents are avoided. Many other types of line guides work just as well in related fields.

Fun in Winter

Skijoring allows people to gain momentum on traditional skis. The very new Kickspark, however, works like a sled without a seat: handlers stand on the runners! Similarly related is skatejoring, in which athletes roll on solid skates which can even stand a bit of off-road use. In mountainboard joring, fans of dog sports allow themselves to be pulled through very rough terrain. Scooterjoring (dogscooting) works very similarly with lighting-fast scooters. In dog trekking, teams often run for dozens of kilometers. To this end, the dogs wear their traction harnesses, and athletes their smart running belts, just like in canicross. Joring lines with rear wheel dampers are also used here. Depending on individual requirements, pack bags are also recommended for trekking dogs. Long trails demand additional chic booties (dog shoes) for sturdy paw protection. Plenty of water for all team members, as well as a feeding bowl and food, are also must-haves, of course.

Sporting adventures with your dog

All of these different kinds of dog sports cost only a little bit of money but bring the team incredible amounts of fun! To this end, athletes must determine veterinary specifications that are appropriate for their dogs. For example, starting is only appropriate for dogs that are at least 45 centimeters tall. They also have to weigh at least 20 kilograms and be older than 18 months, as only then have they developed sufficiently strong bones and muscles. Athletes build up their teams of joyful running companions very carefully. We recommend canicross with the right canicross equipment as the perfect introduction to all of these sports. With canicross, you and your dog can get used to each other at a relatively slow speed – after all, in faster disciplines, hauling dogs have to be able to understand important commands immediately.

We wish you and your four-legged friend safety and fun in your dog sporting adventures! All the necessary high-quality equipment you'll need is waiting for you in our shop. We are happy to assist you with whatever you need.