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Jogging belts for sports

Jogging belts
You often see runners with dogs. Some have their dog on a leash, others let them run free. With a leash in hand, you will be less flexible and have to counteract the pet’s pull on one side only. In case, you own a jogging belt, you quickly get used to this way of moving, thus the both of you will have a lot of fun on a run like this.

Jogging belts for more fun on runs with your dog

Running with their four-legged friend is a part of a lot of owners’ everyday life. You can see runners with a running belt for dogs occasionally: the running belt is a hip belt which can be perfectly adjusted for jogging and which does not impend you in your movement. The belt has a ring and a guidance cord to which the leashed gets attached. This way, you will have both of your hands free (we also have special joring leashes for sled dog sports in stock). The other end of the leash gets clinked into your dog’s harness. Do not use dog collars, but special harnesses, which divide the pull and channel it along the sides to the back. This way, you can touch and go. Your body’s pull gets divided comfortably and relieves your lower back. Look at our range of jogging belts. Which one do you want to buy?