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Hiking dog leashes for challenging trips

Hiking dog leashes
Our hiking leashes for longer, challenging trips are perfect for dogs. They are sized medium to large. Some models are suitable for dog sled sports like dog trekking, for instance (long hikes with dogs). You decide on the way, the both of you want to be on the go.

Useful hiking leashes suitable for long walks

If you like to go on walks with your four-legged friend cross-country, you will need a sturdy as safe leash. Our products‘ materials are wipeable and heavy-duty. The locks are made from high-quality stainless steel, they perfectly click into place. We also have models with screw-in carabiners. The loops are fabricated in a way, that enable you to guide your dog well, even with sweat-soaked hands. Another option are abdominal belts into which you can hook the cord. This way, you will have both of your hands free. The dog automatically stays close to you, if you are looking for something in your trekking backpack or reading a hiking map.

Variety of hiking leashes

Our hiking leashes are best-quality products that meet all requirements. We offer models with “stretch effect” that can be stretched, they provide your four-legged friend with more flexibility. At the same time, a one-handed handling proves to be useful, if you are carrying a water bottle in the other hand, for instance. In case of need, you can guide your dog also with a short leash. You can purchase miscellaneous hiking leashes with and without hitch dampers in our shop, they are available in different sizes and colors.