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Dog Collars for everyday use

Dog Collars
Dog collars and leashes are essential for everyday use. They are useful and always at hand. Many dog owners like to equip their dogs with a pretty gem, the cord should also be sturdy. Our models meet these high standards. Feel free to choose the right dog collar from our range!

Fetching dog collars for everday life, sports and trips

You cannot decide on one piece? The choice is not easy to make. Most dog owners keep several dog collars at home. You can assign the collars to different events, for instance. You can take an elegant model for walks in the city, other dog owners will take notice of that. Take a sturdy, wide cord with you on hikes. Your darling can wear a waterproof dog collar for rides to the lake and swimming. It does not take long for your four-legged friend to understand, which collar gets used on which occasion – one day, he will fetch his favorite color by himself and suggest his favorite ventures this way.

Dog collars in different colors and sizes

We only have first-quality products in stock that come from well-known brands. The locks and cord rings are particularly sturdy and long-durable. Most of the models prevent the dog tag from rattling; a true innovation!