Dog carrying harnesses

Dog Carrying Harness
A dog carrying harness is a harness that has a wide and sturdy grip on its back. There are models that have a grip that big, you can even grip it while wearing hand gloves. They might have extra loops for the hindpaws, this increases the dog’s safety during transport. Some models have bags in which you can store bits and bobs. There are dog carrying harnesses available for each dog size and all possible purposes.

With a dog carrying harness on the safe side

Such a carrying harness for dogs can be necessary due to several reasons: you are a top climbing team and have fun moving across the country? If you like to abseil the both of you, you will need a special harness – a so called climbing harness. Your dog is elder, sick or impended in his movement? You can support them with the dog carrying harness, while they are climbing stairs. Better use a great carrying harness, the dog will feel comfortable and relieved. This support is also important for entering and existing cars, trams and busses.

A dog carrying harness for many purposes

Do you love actions on the water? Choose a top-quality dog carrying harness, since your darling will not be able to get back into the boat on their own or jump out of the water onto the dock. Our dog lifejackets are also perfect for cases like these (we have them available). You can find a sturdy grip on the back on these ones, too. Working operations in the great outdoors are possible with such a dog carrying harness, for instance entering a helicopter. We love to advise you, thus you can find the perfect dog carrying harness!

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