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Dog equipment for more exercise

Dog Equipment

Using the right dog equipment for your dog and travelling

The more exercise you and your dog get when you’re out and about together, the more accessories you will need. With the right dog equipment, you can enjoy going on a long tour rather than just a walk. Some animals are great companions for special sports - and that’s where we can help you: just browse through our selection of dog harnesses, retractable leads and climbing harnesses. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions - our experienced professionals will help you out.

A strong partner

Dogs don’t want to stay at home alone and you don’t want to leave home without your dog if you can possibly avoid it, so the two of you need to build a deep relationship of trust and your pet will have to stick to a few rules, depending on the activity. If you achieve that, your four-legged friend will be able to accompany you on almost any activity. Always keep a few treats with you to reward your dog and encourage him (or her) to prepare for your future plans.

Practical accessories

Taking your dog for a walk on a short lead means that your little trip is combined with discipline. Longer retractable leads give your four-legged friend more opportunity to sniff around and explore to the left and the right of the path. Our two-dog models are the best way to avoid two separate leads, which often lead to a tangle and make it tricky for you if the animals want to go in different directions. Long leads may also collide with other walkers and are particularly dangerous for cyclists.

Dog harnesses for sports

A jogging tour is sportier than a walk. Our collection includes special leads that can also attach your four-legged friend to you at the hip so that it can tag along merrily in front of you or beside you. The dual motivation will spur you on and make you move even faster. The main advantage is having both arms free.

Is your dog an adventurer?

Then why not take it to a mountain and go climbing together? Secure harnesses and climbing harnesses allow you to help your dog when the going gets tough or even to abseil together. What an experience! Your dog will definitely need a carefully chosen selection of accessories. On long hikes, you can put a special backpack on your dog and in the car, you can secure it with a special harness. With the right equipment, there’s nothing to stop you setting off on a tour together!