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Softshell dog coats protect breast, belly and back

Softshell Dog Coats
Softshell is a wonderful material you probably know well from your own use of functional clothing. Athletic clothing is made from it. In shapes of softshell dog coats, it is also available for your four-legged friend and, thus, you can you use it to protect your dog on trips on cold days.

Softshell dog coats for cold days

Such a coat combines many advantages. It is light but keeps the dog warm reliably. It consists of three layers but is breathable at the same time. It adapts closely to the body but does not impend your pet’s movement. A softshell dog coat can be cleaned in the washing machine and air-dried afterwards.

Softshell dog coats for cold and wet conditions

Many dogs do not want to go outside, when it is cold and wet. The reasons for that might be hurting joints and bones. Pay attention to that, when your dog gets older. Other dogs do not feel comfortable, when they frown. Maybe their underfur is missing, and/or they have short fur. Softshell dog coats will help you attract your dog to the outside again. They also protect their breast, belly and back. Extra leg warmers enclose parts of their forelegs. Softshell dog coats keep snow and water off the dog’s sensitive body.

Of course, you can treat your dog even better. It always depends on the pet’s status. Try out dog shoes. They will protect their paws additionally.