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Dog cooling vests for warmer days and nights

Dog cooling vests
The hottest days come in July and August, while the constellation shows the Canis Major, the greater dog. Equipped with one of our dog cooling vests, your dog will stay comfortably cool. We offer dog cooling vests and cooling jackets for warmer days and nights, hot summer days and situations of extreme stress your four-legged friend might face. You can find smart breast protectors for special hiking harnesses in our range that help you cool your agile dog.

The right cooling vest for your dog

Our miscellaneous models offer individuals features for each purpose – for instance, there is a three-layer mesh for maximum cooling. At the same time, our cooling vests protect your pet from wind chills, while they are having a sweat-soaked fur and while there is less muscular performance. Our special products cool in the red-hot heat. The mobile climate systems function in an easy way, for instance via evaporation: you put the mesh into cold water for a brief moment, wring it out and put it on your dog again.

Light cooling jackets for a high flexibility

Our extra light cooling jackets have an open cut and support your companion’s flexibility. Zips facilitate the equipping and un-equipping, reflectors protect you in the dark. Airy design vests channel quick, cooling airflows alongside the body, especially while mountain biking or doing cross-country runs. Mirror shields made from super light, body flexible spandex screen your dog from the sun light. Our smart material’s exterior layers support the cooling evaporation, the core stores the evaporating cooling water, the interior layers channel the body heat outwards.