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Functional and high quality Dog Clothes

Dog Clothes
Many people consider dog clothing as exorbitant, and smile indulgently when they encounter a dog wearing a coat in rain, in snow or in the cold. Of course one can doubt whether it is necessary that the dog wears a cape with animal prints and Swarovski stones — in this case, the fashion wishes of the owner are often being met. Functional and high quality dog clothes are very important for any adventures with your dog.

Dog Clothes Protection from the cold and rain

Many breeds are no longer geared to survive in the wild. They are bred so that their coats are soft and fluffy; in winter the dog can suffer from this, since it lacks a warm undercoat. If you have a poodle, a poodle mix or a Yorkshire terrier, you surely know what this is about. These breeds freeze rapidly, and when it rains, become soaked down to the skin within minutes. A raincoat or lined winter coat is thoroughly advisable for them. For pets which get cold very quickly, it makes sense even to buy a jumpsuit, which also protects the legs.

Protect sore joints

Dog overalls may also be advisable if your dog suffers from joint problems. As in humans, they can hurt during cold and wet weather. With a jumpsuit whose legs surround the hip joints or even reach to the knees, pain can be kept within limits. For long hikes, you should make sure that you choose dog clothing with breathable materials. Your dog may not sweat in the classic sense, but heat can accumulate under a suboptimal jacket, which is also unpleasant. A breathable model, however, can be worn for long periods of time without causing problems.

Dog shoes in winter

Dog shoes are very useful in certain situations of a dog's life. Feet that run over a lot of snow and ice in winter are being abused, and durable shoes will provide excellent protection against this. In the city, shoes can also be helpful if the dog must walk on paths where large amounts of salt is scattered. Some dogs hurt so much from the salt on their sensitive paws that they will not walk a single step further, and will hold their aching feet helplessly in the air. In addition, such shoes are recommended when injured. A paw cut from a piece of glass heals only very slowly when earth gets into the wound or rubs it every time the dog walks.

Cooling vest at high temperatures

You should be prepared not only in winter. When hikes are planned for summer and the weather is hard to judge, it makes sense to have a cooling vest for your dog. Temperatures will remain pleasant for it, even when the sun shines strong; of course, you should still take sufficient breaks in the shade. Even if your four-legged friend is a good swimmer, a life jacket is recommended for boat trips. Emergencies happen in the blink of an eye on the water, and it is not always possible for owner to immediately save the dog and grab it out of the water.