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Non-Stop Dogwear Dogrunner jogging belt with retractable dog lead
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Non-Stop Dogwear Dogrunner Non-Stop Dogwear jogging belt Non-Stop Dogwear Dogrunner for runs Dogrunner includes 2 Bottles Belt with roll leash jogging belt with roll leash jogging belt dog runnner includes bottles Non-Stop Dogwear belt fits very well elastic jogging belt belt ideal for walks and training

Non-Stop Dogwear Dogrunner jogging belt with retractable dog lead

Non-Stop Dogwear
89.95 NSD-7845

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Non-Stop Dogwear

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Non-Stop Dogwear Dogrunner keeps your hands free

More fun with the Dogrunner from Non-Stop Dogwear - You love to go jogging with your dog? Doing so, you often have to keep your dog on a leash. But to keep the leash in hand is not the best idea because you need your hands free while jogging to be able to fully enjoy it. You also want to run at your own pace and style. This is where Non-Stop Dogwear's running belt comes in. The idea is quite simple: You wear the belt around your waste, and it connects you on a retractable leash of 140 cm length with your dog. This way, both of you can find a pleasant running pace.

Jogging belt with retractable leash and two water bottles

Your advantage is that your hands are always free and that you can bend your arms the way you like. Your darling is running in front or next to you and does not interfere, not even when he stops to sniff around. The retractable leash provides the necessary freedom that both of you need. Non-Stop Dogwear‘s padded Dogrunner belt has a perfect fitting and its super lightweight amounts to only 410 gram. The jogging belt comes with a waterproof pocket for your phone, which even enables you to listen to music on the way. Two water bottles of 170 ml each can be carried on the side and are included in this offer, so that you can refresh yourself when you take a break.

Size - Non-Stop Dogwear Dogrunner:

Length of the leash: Weight: Water capacity:
1.4 meters / 4.6 ft 410 g 2 x 170 Milliliter

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