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Tow Lines for Skijoring

Skijoring Tow Lines for dogs
Joring lines are special dog leashes that are used in dog pulling sports. For example, if you are interested in skijoring, you need well-matched accessories. That's the only way you two can enjoy the activity. Of course there are extras like dog boots and paw ointment or a helmet for you. However, we are talking here about the joring line, which has some special features compared to a normal dog leash.

The right joring lines for skijoring

These tow lines have a shock absorber. The dog's strong pull does not act directly on your body, it is intercepted by the leash. Especially at the start, some dogs jump enthusiastically into the leash with all their strength. This powerful impact affects the hand, joint, arm and shoulder with a normal dog leash. You probably know it from normal walks. Especially young and impetuous dogs do so. Joring lines, as used in skijoring, absorb these forces. These leashes are attached to your dog's pulling harness with one end and latched into the hip belt on your side. All components of such a set are worked in such a way that you do not fall into the hollow back and your spine is protected. We have special harnesses for your dog. Let's go!